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Midnight in Paris is a 2011 romantic comedy film which follows Gil Pender, a man who learns that by going to a certain street in Paris at midnight each night, he can travel back in the time to the 1920s, an era which he idolizes.


  • Inez, Gil's girlfriend
  • Adriana, a girl that Gil falls for during his evenings in 1920
  • Zelda Fitzgerald, a writer in 1920, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Gertrude Stein. a writer and editor in 1920, who agrees to look over Gil's latest screenplay
  • Gabrielle, a market girl
  • Helen, Inez's mom
  • Carol, wife of Inez's pretentious friend Paul


  • Inez and Helen talk about Gil and Paul, but also talk about chairs, a movie, jewelry, a maid, and more.
  • Adriana talks to Zelda about her relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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